At One Cabinet, we appreciate every deliverable timber to offer the best in Custom Carpentry handmade woodworks as per your specifications. We exude passion in woodwork offering craftsmanship, excellent materials, and timeless techniques for making anything possible. In every job that we take up, we have talented artisans who are dedicated towards excellence in what they do.

In One Cabinet, every piece of furniture that we make is more than the mere functional implications it has to offer; It stands for our commitment to raise the bar on carpentry as an art. Join us on a journey where wood comes alive to speak of tales of precision, aesthetics and of course, long-lasting beauty. Welcome to the world where every piece is a testimony that masterfully marries art with functionality.

Custom Carpentry Elevation Woodwork


What makes us unique within the sphere of bespoke carpentry is our dedication to turning drab spaces into works of art.

Kitchen Cabinets:

The kitchens in residential spaces serve as the heart of each home. Make your culinary haven special with our custom kitchen cabinets. Blending functionality with aesthetics, make your cabinets suit your lifestyle and give a chic touch to your cooking space.

Bathroom Vanities:

The design of our custom vanities your bathroom as a place of sanctity that speaks of your personality. In addition to a perfect taste of stylish function and elegance, our vanities are available in fresh contemporary designs and classic designs revamping the look as well as the purpose of the bathroom space.

Entertainment Centers:

In addition, entertainment that is customized can make a statement in your living space. Having electronics thrown into the mix of its designed concept, these custom creations truly are the center attraction in your leisure area while giving that smooth integration of intention to form.

Home Office Furniture:

Driven by style and purpose, our custom-built furniture will elevate your home office productivity. Choose modernistic and minimalistic or the classic executive look – all tailored to fit the dimensions of your workspace.


Our inbuilt solutions maximize on space usage within your residential haven. By merging themselves with the architecture of your home, those custom-built additions to your rooms provide a facing storage solution without interfering with elegance at your sitting space, and therefore ensuring maximum use at every inch.

Wood Custom Trim:

Indulge yourself in a sense of classic beauty and our expertly designed wood Custom Carpentry trim indoors. Be it crown molding or delicate detailing, resulting in more visual delight within your living space looking chic and well put together.

Doors and Windows:

Lift the exterior and interior beauty of your residential space with our tailor-made windows and doors. Let them be a beauty spot on your premises, enhancing the curb appeal.

Commercial Showpieces:

Our specialization extends to the commercial domain into creating spaces that resonate an impact of a bespoke, making quite an impression on the clientele as much as those behind the desks.

Bespoke Office Furniture:

Custom-crafted office furniture to imprint your corporate identity. From executive desks or desks to collaborative workstations, our designs blend functionality with professionalism in one.

Reception Area Statements:

The reception area is especially designed to make a strong first impression. Our expertise in carpentry will ensure that your reception space reflects the brand personifying professionalism and setting stage for better client experience.

Elegant Conference Rooms:

Let creativity and collaboration reign in your meeting rooms with customized furniture solutions. Our designs cater for both formality and comfort to make your conference space conducive for productive meetings and discussions.

Retail Displays:

We customize display options for the retail spaces for the best possible representation of your product range. From shelving units to a variety of product displays, our carpentry spices up the aesthetics of the retail environment so that customers fall in love with your stores.

Hotel and Restaurant Ambiance:

Your hospitality establishment can gain a warm welcoming feel to your guests with our original carpentry work. Starting from the lobbies’ pieces of furniture to the restaurant fixtures, our innovations bring out the overall beauty of your premises.

One Cabinet

Why One Cabinet?


At One Cabinet, service and expertise are our highest goals.

Projected Craftsmanship:

Our craftsmen are no mere artisans; they are efficient professionals brought along with long years of experience. One can see their commitment to perfection in each cut, joint and finish. Using the finest materials and time-honored techniques has made them go beyond furniture – to true works of art. Every piece is a testament to our commitment of delivering- not functionality alone but enduring beauty and quality.

Customer-focused approach:

Understanding your unique needs forms not part of our process, it’s the heart of our process. We understand each project is equally individual as the person or business it is designed for. We shall continue working with you on your projects until your draft design is formulated and we shall always strive because we know the result is worth it every time. Your vision becomes our guide, translating your ideas into the Custom Carpentry piece that its space complements it and simultaneously reflects your style and preferences.

Impressive Flexibility:

Versatility for us is the name of the work at any level, you say. From just a piece of bespoke cabinet to the whole new makeover of your kitchen and bathroom, we do exist and we run the gamut as well when it comes to custom carpentry services. Our artists’ expertise extends to catering for projects of different magnitude, meaning no project is too big or small for us.

Competitive Pricing:

Creating your dream space should be a positive experience and shouldn’t leave behind an empty pocket. At One Cabinet, we understand the need and importance of the ability to afford something without worrying that the quality will be sacrificed. Our pricing is competitive which will enable custom carpentry to be affordable to almost everyone. Working with you, we will develop a budget that fits together with your dream perfectly ensuring that, whichever direction the process takes, the final space is not only right but affordable.



1. Jane Doe: “I am so glad I chose One Cabinet to be a custom-built kitchen cabinet. The cabinet turned out to be beautiful and the quality is just outstanding. The carpenter was so professional and flexible in designing exactly what we dreamt of. I will highly recommend One Cabinet to anyone with a need for custom carpentry works.”

2. John Smith: “One Cabinet did an awesome work with my custom bathroom vanity. It came out exactly what I wanted and was superior in quality. Would certainly use them again for my next project.”

Unparalleled Craftsmanship for Every Space


This commitment to unmatched craftsmanship touches on realms that are both residential and commercial at One Cabinet. Whether turning home into a sanctuary or lifting commercial space to a higher standard of refinement, our expert craftsmen take satisfaction in surpassing expectations on each project.

Get in touch with us today for limitless possibilities toward your customized cabinetry requirements. Elevate your surroundings with One Cabinet – where wood meets artistry.

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